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Why Drapes?


Soft (fabric type) window coverings have several outstanding advantages when compared to blinds or hard coverings

Openness & Elegance

Drapes/Fabrics can be pulled back or away from the windows thereby providing both a custom appearance and openness to your rooms.


The very best privacy is found with drapes. They completely prevent anyone from seeing into your residence; “even blocking out shadows to those outside your home” . Blinds have numerous open points in between the slats that actually decrease privacy and insulation.


The number one energy efficient interior window coverings are drapes. For example, lined drapes can provide up to 50% insulation value. Whereas, horizontal mini blinds can only offer a meager 10% insulation value!


Simply put, drapes show less dirt, fingerprints, and dust accumulation than blinds. Drapes can go years without needing to dry clean them. They can be lightly vacuumed and some you may simply place them in your washing machine.

Damage Resistance

Do you have pets or smaller children who might accidentally cause harm to your window coverings? Blinds, particularly horizontal mini-blinds, are much more prone to damage than drapes. Aluminum or wood slats can be scratched or broken, etc. Drapes, on the other hand, are really difficult to damage.

In fact, there has to be an intentional effort for damage to occur to your drapes.

Cozy Plus

Would you like to “soften” up the appearance of your home or rooms to make them more warm, inviting, and cozy? There is absolutely nothing better than drapes/fabrics to create a “welcome home” atmosphere. This is particularly true when compared to blinds. Many people refer to blinds as “office like”, sterile, and cold in appearance. This is a significant difference between drapes and blinds with fabric treatments being a much warmer application for your home.

There are dozens of reasons why drapes should be a serious consideration when decorating your home. We have listed a few, but you get the picture.
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